Shutter art project [셔터 아트 프로젝트]

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SEOUL CITY Archive / EULJIROSCAPE / Euljiro Shutter Art Project

누구나 저마다의 속도로 살아가는 ‘길’에 주목하고 그가 꿈꾸는 ‘집’으로 향하는 방향을 안내하는 <셔터 아트 골목갤러리>는 을지로 세운상가 일대 기술 장인과 상인들의 노후화 된 셔터 기부를 독려하여 빈 캔버스로 활용될 수 있도록 기획하였습니다. 이후 젊은 아티스트들에게 셔터 위 원본 작품을 그릴 수 있는 기회를 제공하는 오픈 에어 어반 아트 프로젝트로 2016년 부터 진행 되어 왔습니다. 산림동 철공소 골목 ‘창경궁로5나 길’을 중심으로 한데 모여 있는 거리예술 작품들은 지역의 소상공인과 직장인, 주민, 도시 여행자들을 이어주는 하나의 매개체로 도시의 관용과 창의성을 보여주는 동시에 대화와 협업을 고무시킵니다. 현재까지 어도비MAX, 현대카드DIVE 등에 작가들의 작품과 함께 힙지로 명소로 소개되었으며, 거리 환경 개선의 효과와 도시의 이색적 풍경으로 많은 방문객들에게 포토존으로 사랑 받고 있습니다.

focuses on the ‘street’ where each person walks attheir own pace and guides them to the ‘dream house.’ This project started in2016 as an open air urban art project that offers opportunities to young artiststo draw their original works on the shutters. It was planned by collecting oldshutters donated by artisans and merchants of Sewoon Plaza in Eulji-ro to beused as an empty canvas. The works of street art in ‘Changgyeonggung-ro 5na-gil’, the alley of the iron factory in Sallim-dong, function as a medium toconnect local business owners, office workers, residents, and the city travelersand present the generosity and creativity of the city and encourageconversations and collaboration. Until the present, it was introduced as anattraction of Hipjiro together with the works of the artists on Adobe MAX and Hyundai Card DIVE, and it improved the street environments and became afamous photo zone to many visitors because of the unique urban sceneries.

*Viewing Time
It is like a surprise gallery that people discover while walking in the alley, soothing is set for the nature of the viewing course. How about walking here and there in the alley while taking a walk on weekday afternoons or on the weekends to enjoy the works?

*How will the works be displayed?
On average, shutter art completed through projects continued for at least 12months up to 6 years. The shutter may have to be replaced, upgraded, orremoved based on the situations and needs of the building owner and the tenants. The display period of the works cannot be guaranteed.

*Maintenance, Repair
On a two-year basis, water cleaning was implemented to eliminate dust and waste while implementing the project, and if desired, alley gallery stickers can be purchased online to support the project.

*Qualification as participants
The project period involved collaboration with professional artists who supported the planning and purpose of the program, but anyone who wants to join can discuss further details required for participation. Become a part of Eulji-ro with you works.