Sahngup Gallery Mullae [상업화랑문래점]

Exhibition : 1

Sahng-up Gallery, which opened its doors at the center of Seoul, Eulji-ro in 2017, focuses on the social role of art, especially contemporary art. In order to share the value of Korean contemporary art, Sahng-up gallery exhibits more than 10 shows per year, mainly handling the artworks delivered through various mediums. Moreover, By opening a branch in Mullae, an art base located in the southwestern part of Seoul in 2019, it is playing a role of supporting artists' creation and exhibition.

서울특별시 영등포구 경인로 755 050-1342-3585 https://www.sahngupgallery.com/


상업화랑 문래점 / Union Art Fair

Mentor : 박지나

전시기간 : 2020/10/09 ~ 2020/10/13

상업화랑 문래점 / Union Art Fair