L Gallery [엘 갤러리]

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L-Gallery is a gallery opened on the basis of existing agencies and various exhibitions. It focuses on the art that can be enjoyed from the trend of the existing gallery, and introduces the works of young artists in Korea based on this. Today, it is trying to get away from the space of the gallery and come up with alternatives to approach the daily life of the arts and the masses, and is actively introducing the artistic stories of modern artists to the public kindly. [Contemporary Art Gallery]

서울특별시 종로구 삼청로 75-1 010-8244-2933 http://www.lgallerykorea.com


Contemporary mastic art

Mentor : 잠산

전시기간 : 2019/05/03 ~ 2019/05/16

잠산 개인전 : 빛과 그림자를 심다 2019. 5. 3 - 16