KAIST VISION HALL / English [카이스트 비전홀 / 영문]

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Academic Cultural Complex - KAIST 학술문화관 [KAIST Vision Hall]

1. INTRO ZONE [Orange]

Greetings for KAIST Vision Hall
Welcome to vision hall of KAIST, a global leading university to generate values.
It is said, “If you want to see the past of the country, go to the museum, Present, department store and library to see the future”
In the academic culture center established in March 2018, there is a vision hall, you can see the past, present and the future of KAIST at the same place. KAIST vision hall includes foot prints of our university, which has aimed inclusive growth and suggested creative resolutions by challenging the road no one has been. Also, it is illuminating bright future where ‘More beautiful changes than we expected’ KAIST will make under the ‘C3’ spirit, Challenge to solve the dilemmas of mankind, creativity and caring, which includes inclusiveness and respect.
In 1971, when KAIST was establish, Korea belongs to one of poorest countries. At that time, where we were struggling to survive ourselves, there had been negative view such as ‘What can we do?’Although there were qualified faculty and a lot of outstanding students won the high competition, it was really hard to find the value of their existence.
However, we had clear MVP spirit. From the very beginning of its establishment, we had a mission for development of science and technology to draw national development. In Terman report, there was great vision, ‘Up to 2000, KAIST will be greatest world famous technology university and lead the new era of Korean education. More important thing is, it will be the basis to make stable and free Korean society as well as to raise the confidence of citizens’. As well, there was great passion to pay back to country and citizens by achieving the dream.
Although we started with 20 faculties and 100 students for each grade in the small classroom located in Hong-Reung, we did our utmost to study and research to make KAIST be the MVP(Most Valuable Player) of Korean universities in the future with the MVP spirit. Since KAIST was established, approximately 62,000 students were graduated included approximately 12,400 Ph.D. KAIST graduates are possessing 23% of leader level forces of science technology industry and Ph.D. level forces in semiconductor industry. Also, 1,500 corporations founded by the alumni are generating their annual sales approximately KRW 13.6 trillion and 32,000 of new employment. This is our performance funded by KRW 310 billion of government budget from the government for last 47 years. In case of foundation, KAIST has achieved high rate fo return to invest. If we consider its performances contributed to education, science and industry sector of Korea, it can be considered as one of most successful government projects. Like this, KAIST became world class university known as its pioneering, easy and distinctive characteristics.
However, not satisfied with its previous performance, it started its new journey to ‘Global leading university of value generation’ with ‘Vision 2031’ as ‘University for citizens’ to contribute hope and self-esteem to country and citizens. ‘Vision 2031’ we established in 2031, 60th celebration of its establishment, is hopeful dream and precious promise to country and citizens to be university with social value to develop the country and enhance the quality of life for citizens by generating world class academic / technical and economical values. There is a word, if we forget the past, that will be the teacher for the things coming.
With the ‘Vision hall’ KAIST will leap as ‘Global leading company of value generation’ to become a ‘Spearhead of 4th technology revolution’, contribute self-esteem and hope to the citizens and become a basis of Korea’s leap to the developed country by generating world first, world best or unique innovative performance as ‘University for citizens’ and ‘Spearhead of country development’ with ‘Vision hall’
President of KAIST Sung Chul Shin